Why choose Bramleys Therapies?

Bramleys is situated in a quiet village and the therapy area extends into a rambling therapeutic garden.

You can experience:

  • Relaxing and comfortable therapy room in a tranquil setting.
  • Individual attention from practicing professional therapist.
  • 20 minutes free consultation prior to NLP intervention sessions.

An NLP Therapist can effectively help their client to:

  • Create choices in life.
  • Learn to apply powerful tools to start your new life now.
  • Set future goals for yourself.
  • Develop your potential.
  • Build positive relationships with yourself, your loved ones and others.
  • Work towards new levels in personal excellence.

Why choose Bramleys Consultancies?

Bramleys Consultancy specialises in the Development and Growth of Organisations and People.

Each training will be tailored to suit your Company or Individual Personnel. You can expect to experience courses:

  • Facilitated by a highly qualified, currently practicing, professional trainer.
  • Uniquely compiled for groups and individuals.
  • Designed for directors and managers.
  • With personal attention and feedback.
  • With quality tuition and individual teaching style which leads to an accelerated learning style.