Contact Details for Maire Reeves

Maire Reeves,
Merstone Lane,
Isle of Wight,
PO30 3DF

Mobile: +44(0)7792 343496

Bramleys is situated in the quite village of Merstone, Isle of Wight, approximately 3 miles south-east of Newport. Everyone who has visited has commented on the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the room we work in. It is a very special place. It is ideal for therapeutic and training work as it is in a quiet garden which is an extension of the therapeutic space.

Code of Conduct

Private and Confidential.

Your details and information are at no time disclosed to anyone. Any request for disclosure must have your written agreement.

Your Confidence and Wellbeing are paramount.

During sessions you can choose to share information or not. There is no right or wrong way. We will work together to help you achieve a better state when you leave a session and have a clearer view of your pathway to your chosen goals.

During a session which lasts between 45 mins to 2 hours, we establish what you want, where you are currently and then work together to help you achieve your goals.