Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is based on models of excellence. It is the study of how we process information and structure our thoughts which in turn affects our behaviour.

Individuals have all the resources they need to effect change and NLP helps you to recognise patterns and use them to maximum effect.

You will be able to let go of limiting beliefs, unwanted emotions and behaviours which are stopping you develop in various areas of your life, be it personal, career or health. You will be able to recognise that you have changed and others will notice too.

You can reframe the picture of your life.

Time Based Techniques

These techniques are based on The premise that present emotions and behaviours are determined by how we perceive past experiences and our individual way of analysing the memories of them.

By changing our perceptions we can change ourselves.

The past experiences may be recent or in the distant past. Unlike some therapies, Time Based Techniques can help release emotions attached to past events without having to re-experience them. The techniques are particularly useful for deep rooted emotions which are affecting your present life.

It is not necessary to reveal details of experiences or events which have happened previously but to have an awareness of the emotions which the experience creates.

Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology

This is the study of how the mind creates reality through language and behaviour. 'NLP is about people; the possibilities they create for their own transformation; and their interconnectedness.'

Self Improvement

"You get what you focus on" It may be that you want to handle everyday life more effectively or excel in your chosen field of work. It can help you clarify and prioritise your future goals and identify any limiting beliefs you may have which are holding you back.

When a friend told me that NLP had changed his life I thought he must be exaggerating but now I am the one that says 'NLP changed my life.'

After a relationship break up, a friend recommended Maire's NLP to me. I admit to being dubious because I knew nothing about it or how it works. I have found it to be a very powerful way of taking control of my emotions and feelings, and it has taught me to manage situations and thoughts that would previously have left me in an emotional mess.

I used NLP again when I was facing a tough assessment day for a complete change of career. The techniques Maire taught me helped me pass the assessment with flying colours.

I have recommended Maire's NLP to several friends who also benefited even though their situations were totally different to mine.

I felt so much better after the first session and after four sessions I was relaxed and completely unafraid of the surgery, which I add was a complete success. I cannot explain the sensation of tranquillity as one's worries just leave the body.