A Phobia is a present day response to an intensely traumatic experience in the past. The fear is anchored to the object, animal or situation that caused it initially. The unconscious process is called Synesthesia an automatic link from one sense to another.

Phobias can limit ones life experiences to a great extent. Limiting travel, self and career development and relationships.

The number one phobia is Public Speaking and the most common is a phobia with spiders.

Did you know that a phobia can be 'cured' without 'Facing the Fear' or Hypnosis?

The shortest time it has taken me to eliminate a Phobia is 20 minutes. The longest time so far is 50 minutes. The time depends on the severity of the phobia.

If YOU want to rid yourself of your phobia, I can help.

This is a life changing experience.

The NLP Technique used is designed to eliminate phobias, traumas and anxieties in a single session.

I had an irrational fear of spiders, especially big ones. If I spotted one either indoors or out, I would freeze and someone would have to remove it before I could move myself.

After just one short session with Maire using NLP my fear vanished. Spiders really do not bother me at all now. I can cheerfully pick them up with a duster (so as not to harm them) and put them outside.